Upon arrival at their chosen SMEAG campus from the airport, new students will be provided with a brief information about the school facilities courtesy to a security staff. By this time, they will also receive the Welcome Kit from the same individual. The Welcome Kit contains items that are essential for new students on their first day such as toiletries, campus essentials, snacks, safety guidelines, and student forms.

On their first day of study, new students will be given their own Red Diary during orientation. This contains information about the country and emergency contact details. SMEAG regulations and agreements are also enclosed in the book. The Red Diary is also formatted to improve the students’ writing in their 1:1 classes. It also includes sections that are supported by dictation activities to enhance their listening skills. Once they have completed the set of 20 entries, they will be rewarded with SMEAG freebies to motivate them to study harder.

All SMEAG students are assigned to their personal SA Teachers or also known as Student Assistant Teachers. These teachers are responsible of keeping track of their respective students’ academic progress and status. It is their duty to check the students’ overall satisfaction with their study. Students will also receive counselling from their SA Teachers if they are undergoing any difficulty with their academic performance.

SMEAG has groups of emergency responders called 911 Teams. They are comprised of nurses, drivers, and managers. They are to ensure the safety and to respond to any medical situations of the students from night until the early morning. SMEAG always makes it a point to provide a comfortable and secured study and living environment.

This system allows the students to deposit their money in a card for intracampus purchases. There is no limit to how much amount they can reload their card with. Through this system, students can keep track of safekeeping their cash in one place. They can also withdraw any amount from their card’s load.

Online Student Record

Students can monitor their academic development with much ease and convenience. This method allows the student to check their status online by simply scanning the QR code posted on bulletin boards or inside the administrative office and citing their passport number. The services offered by the system include a visual representation of their progress, their weekly test results, and a tally of the warning received – both academic and administrative.

Safety Education

During the last day of class every week, safety education is held for the students. There are two options to choose from: offline and online. Offline safety education is basically a seminar wherein students are taught and reminded of the security measures and appropriate behavior to display when going out of the campus. Online education, on the other hand, is done by answering a series of questions through an online server pertaining to the same subject to evaluate their knowledge about the possible dangers that the outside environment poses. If students fail to participate in either of these, they will not be allowed to exit the campus for Sparta Campus or are mandated not stay out beyond the prescribed curfew for the other two campuses.